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Business Insights

Company Name Selection & Evaluation

Your company name means a lot. It is your brand and most of all it represents who you are as a company. Find out how I can help you create a company name that is harmonious, profitable and memorable.

Company Incorporation Date Selection & Evaluation

Timing is everything! The date you select to incorporate your business can mean the difference between success or failure. Selecting the right date at the right time can create the gateway to success. Call now to begin.

Company Location Selection & Evaluation

Location is everything! The address of your company carries a lot of energy, this energy can be negative or positive. It also can determine if your business will be successful or unsuccessful at a particular location. Let me help you select an address that harmonious to you and your business.

Economic Forecasting

Timing profits, losses & break even points are all part of economic stability and instability. Do you know the day, time and year that your company will make a profit, loss or break even? I use numerical and astrological calculations to target the answers. Contact me now to get started.

Mental Competence Evaluation

Public traded companies have shareholders. The chief executive officer is responsible for a coporation's results. Is he or she mentaly stable enough to lead the company's future? The shareholders need to know. This information can determine a company's success or failure. Contact me now to learn more.

Human Resource Selection & Evaluation

Choose the best and brightest people for your company. If you have the wrong people in the wrong place, doing the wrong job, your company can fail in terms of productivity and profit. I evaluate each indivdual by name, birthday and personality type by doing an intensive numerical and astrological analysis.

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