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Personal Insights

Name & Birthday Evaluations

I breakdown the meaning of your full birth name and birth date. Each and every person living has a different vibration as well as energy pattern.


"Know Thy Self"


With my help, you will have a better understanding about yourself and those around you.

Relationship Evaluations

Choosing the best possible partner for yourself can mean the difference between happiness, bitterness, sadness, regret and stress. The seed from which a relationship grows is called compatibility, all other aspects of the relationship sprouts from there. How compatible are you with the person you choose? I do an extensive numerical and astrological analysis of compatibility.

Conception & Birth Timing

Choosing the best possible time to conceive a child is important for women who would like to be pregnant. We also help expecting mothers delievering their babies via C-Section choose the best birthday for their child.

Health & Wellness Evaluations

Gives an overall view of your past, present & future health issues including strengths & challenges.

Wedding Day Selection & Evaluations

Choosing the right day for your perfect day can be time consuming and exhausting. Plus, if you pick the wrong day with the wrong universal energy you will be headed to divorce court sooner than you think. Let the universe work in your favor on this day by allowing me to do a detail analysis of the day and time.

Real Estate Evaluations

Selling your house at the right time is paramount in real estate. Using my astronumerical methods, I can help you select the right time to sell your home.

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